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"Romantic and Elegant"

  Kevin and Melissa Sheehan



                                                    Lighting Design by Holtz

"Presenting a Romantic and Elegant Wedding." 

Kevin and Melissa came with one statement in mind - "Our vision is a wedding that embodies a setting of pure romance, sophistication but yet old tradition."

The character of the Crowne Plaza Main Ballroom with its high ceilings, elaborate chandeliers and mirrors required very little enhancements other than lighting and decor. 

Kelsey Renee Meadows played an instrumental role in design of the table settings, decor, floral and type of arrangement that not only captured the couples vision of romance but also offered a very high level of sophistication and old tradition. 

The only remaining challenge was to properly light and show off the various elements of decor and design.

Using extensive red lighting by many standards and opinions  is received with questions and that of many misconceptions.   Creating a lighting design that included up-lighting and pin-spotting perfectly placed and balanced to the three types of table centerpieces, candlescapes, and candelabras totally transformed the room.  While romantic, the room never looked like a Valentines Day dinner but rather a step back in time to a different era.


"Simplicity is sometimes met with the old adage of "Less is More." 


Many times designs become too complicated and too overwhelming.  Our goal was to set out to create the exact vision of our client.  Until the client actually walks in and sees the final product they can only just imagine what it will look like even with photos of other events. 

We knew we were dead on and had captured their goal and that was only reinforced when the groom looked at the room for the first time before the bride was even available and commented that "This was the exact vision that they had for their special day."

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