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FAQ's - All Listed



Pricing of Services?


We are here to assist and give proposals based on a specific vision.


We use the approach of an all-inclusive service that is designed specifically for the clients needs.  Uncompromising quality and service in an A La Carte menu selection with certain services designated as core packages. 


Never a one shoe fits all approach, but understanding through many years of experience that there is a minimum expectation of service that is required for every event we provide services for. 


The individual detail and care given to the actual services allows us to customize every event to our clients needs.  From preliminary planning to execution the day of, we include this service as part of our philosophy.


Give us a call and we will be glad to assist you and setup a walk through evaluation of your event.   




The Proposal Process?


Non-formal quotes made via email or by phone prior to a walk through are highly discouraged.  A custom created formal proposal once a walk through is completed is considered our normal process for the discriminating clients seeking a unique package and experience in services.


Once we meet with you, we will issue a firm quote in writing good for a determined period of time but the date may or may not be held based on the date of the event until a contract and retainer are secured. 


Contracts are issued only when a retainer deposit is made unless other arrangements by us are made.  Dates can be held once a first interview meeting is scheduled with us and will be secured until a meeting is completed.  Once the meeting has concluded the date is then opened back up unless a contract is signed and retainer deposit secured at that time. 




Retainer Deposit?


Our retainer deposit averages 25% of the final cost and is non-returnable and is applied to the final balance.




Terms of Payment?


Check, Money Orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover directly with our company or billing through select properties. 


Schedule of payments can be arranged on a per show basis but typically involves a non-refundable retainer deposit (25% of the total final show cost) made at the time of booking to guarantee a date. 


Small shows balances are due 14 days prior to the event.  For Large shows, 50% of the balance is due no later than 14 days prior to an event and the remaining balance is due no later than the week of prior to an event.  Billable accounts carry terms specific to the property at which the event is held.




Cancellation Policy?


In order to be refunded any payments made after the non-returnable deposit, shows must be cancelled in writing no less than 14 days prior to an event or they will be subject to a 100% charge of the total cost of the show and no difference will be returned.  


Certain untimely events and circumstances will be handled on a per case basis.  Specialty outdoor events will be subject to a concise B inclement weather plan.




Number of Events and Shows?


Holtz Lighting and Audio Visual has been involved with over 2000 major shows during the past 20 years.  


All lead staff members have been involved personally each in their careers totaling no less than 10 years of experience for special events.




Electrical Power Considerations?


Power can be one of the largest obstacles of a show.  


Our sound systems with lights can operate on 1-3 dedicated 20 amp outlets. Our sound system in its largest format will require 5-8 dedicated 20 amp outlets.  


Adding the entire light inventory we will need an additional 8-9 20 amp circuits.  We carry distribution power boxes that can tie into a main feeder block via hard wire or a CamLok system.  Generators may also need to be employed and contracted at the clients expense.


We will assist you with all of your power needs.





Dress Attire of our Staff during an Event? 


Always business attire or tuxedo unless a different request is made for indoor events and generally blend in with the format of the event being held.  Outdoor events are specific to style of show.




Setup and Tear Down Time? 


Typically setup will be scheduled as early as reasonably possible and as part of the negotiation process we will require certain terms to be accounted for in writing not only on our contract but also the venue and major vendors if needed.  This will serve as a protection to you and guarantee an easy stress free setup.


Our crews commonly start outdoor setups several days in advance and many times start late in the afternoon and work into the night time to get an accurate perspective on the lighting and finished product.  


We prefer to have time in between the setup and the event to resolve any technical issues that might need to be addressed.  


Tear down is usually quick and can be as little as 30 minutes to as long as 6 or more hours on the largest of shows.  


Once we determine the size and style of the show we can give a reasonable estimate of those times.


We will also coordinate with the major vendors i.e. Tent Rentals, Rental Companies, Venue, and Caterers to make sure that we are at all points on task.


We reserve the right to not book events that cannot accommodate a reasonable setup time.


                       Contact Information

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