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Visual Presentation and Internet

We offer a broad spectrum of Visual Presentation and Impact Services meeting the challenges faced in today's world of technology and media.

Corporate presentations, historical presentations, Brides and Grooms growing up, and any range of presentations will only add to the impact of an event.

Projectors ranging from 2K to 6K and larger -- most small to medium size events can be accommodated. 

Multiple options for switching including matrix and scaling.

A full array of Internet solutions for events  ranging from access points and zones to hard wired media centers give clients additional options for both staff and guests.

Custom Media Playback Systems deliver each presentation to one of our multiple 60" - 200" (17 foot) and larger diagonal screens in full clarity and outstanding resolution.  Multiple platforms including Apple, PC available in various software applications including PowerPoint, Office (2010, 2013, 2016) Keynote, Keyed Audio Visual Presentation, DVD, Blu-ray and more.

Additional Video Effects Systems allow for video effects, slideshows, 2, 4, 9, 12 and custom screen matrixes, video walls spanning multiple projectors.   Camera feeds can be integrated creating a look unique to the client.  Additional eye candy, video mapping and warping capabilities further enhance the final presentation to the audience.

Custom Input and Switching Gear offers flexibility to choose multiple inputs and scaling as needed.  Matrix switchers offering routing in full HD 1080p simplify more complex needs with multiple inputs and multiple screens requiring different native resolutions. 

Ethernet Connectivity  gives flexibility and ability to manage internet through managed access points inserted into nodes/connections at properties when multiple user connections are needed.

Video over Cat5e and LowSkew Cable  solving longer cable run challenges of video distribution with full capability to broadcast HD 1080p in an isolated matrix switched environment.

Visual Presentation specialist serving South Texas since 1995


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